Coconut Braised Chickpeas w/ Spinach & Sun-Dried Tomatoes #65

braisedchicke peas

I was never really a fan of sun-dried tomatoes, so when I got the task to prepare this coconut braised chickpeas for the Cooking School, I knew it would be challenging! The final result was so delicious and definitely worth preparing. I realized it’s important to cook the tomatoes for longer so that they can suck up the juices and also become tender. A recipe that I will definitely repeat in the future. Continue reading

Chocolate hemp truffles #64

trufas de chooclate

You know those days when you just crave something sweet, but you don’t know exactly what it is that you crave?! Well that was me yesterday, i just wanted something indulgent that would be healthy and chocolaty, but easy and quick to prepare at the same time! That’s how I ended up with the most delicious truffles in under 5 minutes:)

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Pumpkin pak-choi stew with lentils #63

lentil pumpkinstew

This year I’ve been discovering the wonders of this beautiful asian vegetable, and I must say I’ve been loving it! Pak-choi is so delicious and full of nutrition. It’s a versatile cabbage easy to find nowadays in most supermarkets and I’ve been using it for my stews, risottos, noodle dishes and even soups! Look in your grocery store near you to see if you can find it, it is normally reasonably affordable and will add extra specialness to your meals.:)

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