About me


Hello, I’m Marga.

I believe in the power of fruits, vegetables and whole-plant based foods to heal our bodies from diseases and bring happiness. Whenever I can, I try to avoid stimulants & pills and try to focus on living food.

I became a vegan in 2013, after suffering from depression & eating disorders, and watching my mother die with cancer at a young age. I was raised into a family of meat eaters, where processed foods took a big place. Packaged cereals, frozen processed food, store-bought cookies, fried and smoked food were part of our diets as I grew up, and because I didn’t know their damage I took them as good for me.


2013 made me have a deeper look on the effects certain foods were doing to my body and so, slowly and steadily, I started to include small-baby steps into my diet. I started by eliminating meat and fish and later seafood. Eggs and milk followed shortly after, and later the hardest one, cheese.

With these little changes in my diet, I could control other issues I always battled with, such as back/facial acne and herpes.

I started to include smoothies and green juices, especially for breakfast, and that contributed to better sleep, more energy and desire to do things, to go out in nature and also exercise.


I am passionate about veganism & whole plant-based food, and also I like to travel and discover the world! I’m a pianist and have been playing for more than I can remember. I enjoy like minded people with whom I can be open about things, chat and laugh!:) I love nature for what it brings to us, going to the cinema and hugs! I believe in the power of self love, and that it is necessary for your soul to be complete.

~”You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” (Buddha) ~

For inquiries please contact me at: 1veganmealaday@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. f00df0rthought says:

    Hello! I have stumbled across your blog and just wanted to write how lovely you seem, and that you are so very glowing and radiant. Thank you for sharing your recipes and writing so openly xxx


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