Pad Thai-style Noodles with tempeh and pistachios #76


This was a Thai inspired dish and i was super happy with the final result! Eating tempeh doesn’t need to be gross, and this meal is just the proof that you can explore varied ingredients and have many delicious flavors on a vegan diet! This dish has everything you want- salty and balanced flavors; it is crunchy and soft to the palate:) Without any more words, let’s check this recipe:) Continue reading

Creamy coconut oatmeal #72


This creamy oatmeal (also called porridge in the UK) is seriously one of the best breakfast ideas I could have asked for this week! As the winter becomes more vigorous, I feel in need for some warming foods as I wake up. I love to combine the oatmeal with juicy fruits like mango or even berries. Result: the best -perfect -and- creamy breakfast ever:) Continue reading

Coconut Braised Chickpeas w/ Spinach & Sun-Dried Tomatoes #65

braisedchicke peas

I was never really a fan of sun-dried tomatoes, so when I got the task to prepare this coconut braised chickpeas for the Cooking School, I knew it would be challenging! The final result was so delicious and definitely worth preparing. I realized it’s important to cook the tomatoes for longer so that they can suck up the juices and also become tender. A recipe that I will definitely repeat in the future. Continue reading

Yoghurt with banana, mulberries and dried figs #60

yogurt with dried fruits

For a really long time i made smoothies my staple breakfasts, and I sticked to it no matter what! I’ve also had the “bread and orange juice phase”, where I just craved a lovely roll with avocado! Lately, i have been experimenting varying my breakfast choices, and this was such a lovely surprise:) All you need is a good quality vegan yoghurt (in Belgium we have Alpro Soya, Provamel…) and good quality dry fruits.

Continue reading