Pad Thai-style Noodles with tempeh and pistachios #76


This was a Thai inspired dish and i was super happy with the final result! Eating tempeh doesn’t need to be gross, and this meal is just the proof that you can explore varied ingredients and have many delicious flavors on a vegan diet! This dish has everything you want- salty and balanced flavors; it is crunchy and soft to the palate:) Without any more words, let’s check this recipe:) Continue reading

Shepherd’s Pie (Veganized) #73


One of the biggest challenges when having a non-vegan boyfriend that comes for the weekend, is trying to veganize dishes but keep them full of flavor as well! I normally prefer to have simple foods for my meals (for example, I would be so happy with just a bowl of steamed potatoes right now, romain and a sprinkle of olive oil and pepper, and I’m not even kidding:) ) But I also love to recreate my dishes to non-vegans and make meals that they can refer to. This was definitely a success, if you’re having guests coming over, this one will definitely be great!:) Continue reading